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The We Love Pat Fund was created by two of Pat's former students. We love Pat, and wanted to do something in appreciation of all that she's given to us and to midwifery. We realized that she was approaching retirement age without much savings, and we started thinking about what it would be like if we could get in touch with other people who also want to honor and thank Pat. The huge number of lives that she's touched astounded us, and we were inspired to create the fund.

The We Love Pat Fund is made of contributions from anyone who's been influenced by Pat-her students and clients, and anyone who wants to honor someone who's kept midwifery alive in changing times. We will be collecting donations until we have raised a substantial sum of money, and we will present it all together to Pat, along with a scrapbook. We are suggesting a minimum donation of 50$, although any amount that you are able to contribute will be greatly appreciated. Pat will not know the denomination of your contribution, unless you specifically request that we tell her. The We Love Pat Fund is registered with the IRS as a tax ID number, and we have set up our account so that Pat will not have to pay taxes on her gift when she receives it. Contributions are not tax deductible at this time.

We are also accepting scrapbook pages. Please make your page 8 1/2 x 11 , laid out sideways ,with a 2 inch margin on the left, to allow for binding. Some suggestions for your scrapbook page include a letter for Pat about what you're doing these days, photos, your favorite Pat story, etc. Scrapbook pages can be mailed to Rinn Mandeville at P.O. Box 2884 Valdez AK 99686. Note for people who feel overwhelmed with the scrapbooking process: Rinn is also accepting loose photos. writings etc., and she is willing to scrapbook them for you.

Pat does not know about this fund, and we want to keep it this way until we are able to present her with her gift. We are hoping that everyone who sees this page will tell at least one other person-we want to reach as many people as possible (but not Pat!!!). So please ask your midwife if she went to Maternidad La Luz or Casa de Nacimiento in El Paso, TX. Get in touch with your old classmates that you've been meaning to write to. And if you have contact info for anyone who may know Pat, please pass it along to us. Networking is our biggest challenge, and we appreciate help getting the word out. If you have any questions about the We Love Pat Fund, you can call or email Rinn Mandeville, CPM or Nechama Wildanah, CPM, fund administrators, at rinnmandeville@yahoo.com or firebirch@yahoo.com or (907) 822-3797 or (541)738-2602.

You can donate to the We Love Pat Fund by mailing a check made out to "We Love Pat" to Rinn Mandeville P.O. Box 2884 Valdez AK 99686.

You can also donate here by using paypal:

We will send you a receipt after we receive your donation, which may take a few weeks. We will also add you to our mailing list, which will be used to notify everyone when we are ready to give Pat her gift.