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Pat Connor is a midwife, teacher and mother in El Paso, Texas, and we want to honor her! Throughout her long midwifery career, Pat has touched thousands of lives, educated hundreds of new midwives, and attended over 5,000 births, always with love and wonder. Pat has 9 kids of her own, and sees midwifery as a calling that she began practicing when it was needed in her own community. After educating herself, and attending homebirths, Pat has spent the last two decades working as a staff midwife at two birth centers/midwifery schools on the U.S./Mexico border, Casa de Nacimiento and Maternidad La Luz. In this role, Pat has mentored and supervised many students as they attend births and become midwives.

Pat began her midwifery career at a time when the survival of midwifery in the United States was questionable, and midwifery knowledge was hard to come by. As a midwifery educator, she has contributed exponentially to midwifery's survival and growth. Pat teaches her students to love and trust birth, and she is keeping midwifery alive by teaching this trust, as her students spread out and contribute to midwifery's revival. With childbirth at a crossroads, midwives and educators like Pat are invaluable.

Pat is a nurturing mentor who never has a mean word to say about anyone. She gives of herself entirely, and is able to bring calm to a hectic birth room, and peace to a busy clinic at 3 am. She brings out the best in everyone, and is the kind of teacher that her students all aspire to be like. Known for her amazing intuition, Pat makes everyone feel good.

Because of the amazing impact Pat has had on us all personally, as well as on the profession of midwifery, and women's health care, former students have started the We Love Pat Fund to show Pat our love and gratitude. We are raising money to honor Pat as she approaches retirement age, as well as putting together a scrap book to remind Pat of all the lives that she has touched. We want to give her a substantial gift in honor of all her contributions, so we are hoping to find as many people who have been influenced by Pat as possible. If we are able to find all of Pat's former students, as well as the clients who's lives have been changed by their births, and the women who realized that they could really do anything after seeing their mother or sister give birth like that, well, we'd have a very big gift for Pat! We appreciate all the help we can get with networking, because of the huge number of people who know Pat. We are hoping to find contact information for as many of these people we can, and are grateful for help in getting the word out, so please tell your friends about this site. Thanks, and happy birthings